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Thursday, 14 March 2013 14:41

Manal Hmeidat

 “My hobby in art turns into creativity” Manal Hmeidat said, an architect, graduated from Birzeit University in 2004, and a business owner for “Touch of Art”.

painted glass pieces, where you can find a wide collection of

I started my project as hobby at home when I used to paint old pieces of glass and transform them into a new masterpiece. Then my family and friends have encouraged me a lot to show the people my creativity, and work. Therefore, I decided to display my products in local exhibition which opens new doors and opportunities, when I decided to turn this hobby into a real business.

During that period, I heard about the Business Women's Forum and the Business Development Center of the forum which supports women businesses, and then joined them as a member. My membership with BWF-BDC has helped me to run my business, as well as selling my products. Joining the workshops, meeting experts, getting coaching and consultancy, have built my marketing and managerial skills.

 I have a wide range of products now including mirrors, trays, clocks, vases, photo frames, and crystal plaques. In “A touch of art” we intervene in interior design “windows, doors, partitions and more creative and up-to-date ideas.

I look in the near future to enhance my talent, and open my own atelier and permanent showroom.

You can see all the products of Touch of Art on:

Although I learned how to create my business plan, I also took a professional coaching from experts in this field which makes the training a special and different than other trainings”

Nida Saleh - BPC participant

“BWF is a trustworthy address where you can reach your goal in the easiest and direct way”

Ikhlas Sawalha -
BDC Beneficiary

BDC has helped me in promoting my business, as well as providing advices, and solutions to develop the quality of the products”

Najwa Ghadban - BDC Beneficiary

“I learned how to create my business plan, and how to present it. The training provides women entrepreneurs the opportunity to learn more, to think in an innovative and creative way”

Maysa Saleh - Business Plan Competition participant

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