The Business Women Forum Launches its 3rd Internship Program

The Business Women Forum launched its 3rd Internship Program with the US Consulate General Jerusalem on March 29, 2010 at Ankar’s Suites in Ramallah. The program involves 80 recent female university graduates from Ramallah, Jerusalem, Nablus, Bethlehem, Hebron, Jenin, and Tulkarem. Each intern will be positioned in an internship relevant to her major whether it being Business Administration, Information Technology, Engineering, or PR and media after taking 4 day training designed for them in the areas to upgrade their skills and abilities. The program will offer these interns an opportunity to experience the workforce as well as possibly landing a permanent position with the host companies.

BWF discussed the importance of providing a professional network for young women, saying that the internship program “gives these graduates the background and experience required to become successful business leaders,” and that the intensive training the interns receive is designed to “close the gap between formal education and the real-life demands of working in the private sector.”

U.S. Consul General Daniel Rubinstein congratulated the interns for taking the next step towards becoming the next generation of Palestinian business leaders, and commended the host companies and organizations for “taking the necessary steps to ensure a vibrant and diverse Palestinian workforce that includes women at all levels.” Mr. Rubinstein praised BWF for working for the social and economic advancement of women, and “building a strong and independent economy for the future Palestinian state.”

Honored guest Deputy Minister Mohammed Abu-Zaid of the Ministry of Ministry of Education and Higher Education considered BWF’s launching of its third Internship Program funded by the US Consulate as great progress and stressed the importance in changing the stereotypical image that Palestinian women’s minimal role in the contribution of the economy. Mr. Abu-Zaid insured that the program will provide opportunities for the interns and the Ministry has been conducting trainings for improving curriculums in Palestinian Universities.

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