Business Women Form


STEP UP programme, designed by BWF in order to achieve equal opportunities and access to the labour market for female graduate from dual study program at Al-Quds University.


Time Frame

1 year (2019)


33495 IlS




27 female graduates


STEP UP is a capacity building programme implemented by BWF in 2019 within the framework of “More Job Opportunities for youth in Palestine” project which implemented by Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH, on behalf of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and development (BMZ) and aimed at increasing the job opportunities for Palestinian youth by combining academic studies with on the-job training under real life conditions in private companies in order to bridging the gap between theory and practice.

The objective of the STEP UP: 

To increase the chance of employability for female dual study student and to show them real steps to be engaged in the labor market and to have successful career by: 

  1. To enhance business opportunities for female graduates and students. 
  2. To promote success and share experiences for female graduates and students. 
  3. To enhance the employability and soft skills of female graduates and students 
  4. To bridge the gap between theory and practice for for female graduates and students 

Targeted group by BWF in STEP UP:

Female students and graduates from Dual Study program in Al-Quds university from two specialization Electrical Engineering and Information Technology at the third and fourth years. 

The services provided by BWF within STEP UP:

BWF designed a capacity building program consisted of training and coaching on the following topics: 

  • Communication and presentation skills included Verbal & non-verbal communication, presentation and pitching techniques, overcome presentation anxiety, understand the audiences, active listening and understanding differences.
  • Gender equality and women’s economic empowerment aimed at raising awareness and encourage learning and knowledge about gender concepts to understand the role gender plays, advancing gender equality and self-confidence. 
  • Design thinking and innovation as one of the most utilized approaches and tools towards innovation and problem solving through understanding the human needs involved, re-framing the problem, creating ideas in brainstorming sessions, and adopting prototyping. 
  • Creating balance between personal life and professional career as an essential topic for females who are struggling between managing their personal and work lives.