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BWF joins Action Aid workshop in developing policy recommendations

BWF team participated in a dynamic workshop organized by Action Aid Palestine aimed at fostering tighter integration between the core philosophy and outcomes of the Internisa project and the fundamental requirements of Palestine's education and vocational training framework. The workshop, held with the active involvement of representatives from ministries, international bodies, and local institutions committed to the realm of training and education, served as a crucial platform for collaborative ideation and strategic partnership.

The participation of the BWF team was underpinned by their ongoing commitment to the CLUSTER initiative – "advanCing youth and women sociaL inclUSion in The MEditeRranean." The CLUSTER project, which focuses on providing comprehensive online and technical training, particularly in the domains of green economy and sustainability, stands in alignment with the broader objectives of bolstering vocational opportunities for women NEETs.

Both these projects fall under the expansive umbrella of the ENI CBC MED programme, embodying a shared commitment to fostering growth and progress across multiple dimensions.