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Interview with Nisaa FM Radio

In partnership with the BWF, Nisaa FM Radio organized a series of meetings with BWF's members, businesswomen and entrepreneurs with the aim of discussing the conditions of women-owned SMEs in light of the continued aggression on Gaza and the closures in the West Bank.

The first meeting was held with BWF's chairwoman, Dr. Samah Abu Aoun Hamad. Dr. Hamad spoke about the negative impact of aggression and war on small projects, especially since most of them are home-based, and since a very large number of homes were destroyed, causing major destruction of most projects, at a rate of 96%.

According to the ESCWA report, there was a significant increase in the unemployment rate, which ranged from about 80% before the war.
150 businesswomen and entrepreneurs, members of BWF, have completely lost their projects, and are suffering from difficult living conditions in shelter centers and UNRWA schools.