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When you visit the village of Bardala located in the Northern Jordan Valley, you are likely to find Ni’meh sitting in a modest room between her beautiful traditional dresses, handicraft and embroidery products. Ever since she was a young girl, Ni’meh focused on learning hand embroidery from her grandmother - and sought popularity with this craft.

For a long time, she wasn’t able to find a decent job even though she has a diploma in photography -an immediate result of the shortage of well-remunerated jobs. That’s when, using the art she mastered, she began developing the idea of ​​an embroidery project. 

Ni’meh joined the project of Tubas Rural Business Opportunities and Social Innovation (TURBO), which was implemented by the Business Women Forum - Palestine (BWF), and after attending the training sessions and workshops, she was able to fulfil her dream of being a tailor and fashion designer.

“Being able to customize some clothes in a professional way made me happy,”Ni’meh says.“Now, I am hoping to become a well-known fashion designer who has a large sewing workshop that can also provide job opportunities to women in need, ”she adds.

Within the (TURBO) project, Ni’meh got knitting and stitching machines, in addition to the sewing tools she needed to open her own workshop.

Prior to that, she travelled to Jordan on an educational tour provided by one of the BWF’s programs, where she met a Jordanian fashion designer, visited needlework exhibitions and learned how to add an attractive traditional touch to her brand, as she envisioned for her work to preserve Palestinian heritage.

“The glamour of admiration in their eyes for what you offer them,”- that’s what Ni’meh is after, as she says. And here, in this humble room, Ni’meh spends her precious time every evening to accomplish her work in fashion design and embroidery.