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Sahab Nayef’s ‘Red Pepper and Chili’ project

In a small and stylized kitchen, Sahab Nayef (45 years old) was stirring a mixture while talking to us about gardening her new pepper seedlings and the process of ‘chili making’.

Sahab’s life changed completely after joining the project of Tubas Rural Business Opportunities and Social Innovation (TURBO).It was implemented by the Business Women Forum - Palestine (BWF), and gave her a strong willingness to learn about modern farming methods.

Sahab had 20 years of experience in traditional farming, but after applying to the (TURBO) project training and workshops, she allocated an agriculture dunum for ‘Pepper Farming’.

“The training was helpful for me in many ways - starting from the mechanism of implementing a production plan, and ending with the most effective modern production techniques,” Sahab said. “Making different types of chili was also part of the training process,” she added.

Sahab was pleased when she saw how her pepper production increased and had a better quality, which gave her some comfort knowing that her chili would be indeed distinct.

She was also empowered to improve her marketing skills during the training by specialized consultants who helped her to create a brand identity for her project.

“The Women Forum really helped me to create a suitable logo and design for my project,”Sahab said. “They have also contributed to marketing my products,” she added.

She remembers how she felt during the training, as she used to discuss what she had learned with her brother and made chilli samples for her family.

Now, Sahab has a great product that has no competitors in the market, and looks forward to the forum’s annual exhibition, as it is an opportunity for her to reach out to new customers outside the Jordan Valley.