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Bayan Farraj

Overburdened with endless house chores, child care, psychological and emotional pressure and home schooling most women didn’t find time for themselves. Bayan Farraj, a married mother of three, from Ramallah, was not so different. However, she had other responsibilities that motivated her to create time for herself and her small business “Allure by Bayan”, a natural beauty products business. Having studied medicinal manufacturing, Bayan planned and started her business with the support of the OBADER, which allowed her to practice what she studied and fulfill her passion.

With the beginning of the lockdown, Bayan faced canceling existing purchasing orders, losing customers, and inability to sell existing stock. However, she was quick to react, reactivating her Instagram page, Bayan started advertising and selling her products through social media. She had more time to contribute to customer service, explaining all the needed details to her clients, establishing strong bonds with her clientele. The lockdown was an opportunity for Bayan to learn and develop new skills, expand online network and spend more time discussing the quality of her work with clients on social media.