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Our Success Stories

Jihan, a mother of three, started the idea in 2016, when her mother offered their family house, where Jihan grew up, to start teaching young children (5-15 years old) basic principles of art of drawing.  She started to witness the impact of those sessions on kids, especially those who are running away from school. Many children came to the center with their mothers, who were also interested in drawing and expressing themselves through art.

Jihan soon realized the niche market she was looking at. There was a serious gap in her area for specialized centers to provide the education and training the children need, and most importantly, it was something she was passionate about.

Jihan participated in "Ana Reyadeya” competition with the Business Women Forum, where she learnt how to build network, and was introduced her to the main principles of setting up a business. A grant from BWF allowed Jihan to renovate the old house to make it a decent, attractive center for kids, and enabled her to use more space to accommodate higher number of students. Today with a second grant by BWF, Jihan Center managed to expand and open a stationery shop that sells drawing tools and utensils not provided in her area. 

From a dream to a business that serves 4 villages nearby and 6 employees from the village, Jihan became a role model to her children, the extended family, village and the new generation. She proved that there is nothing impossible with determination and belief.